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Does anyone in your family work in politics or government?

date michael the office

No Education I attended P. The establishment has failed District Our elected officials are more interested in luxury developments, policing, and prisons than addressing poverty and inequality. I'm running because I want to change that, and build a district that puts people over profits. The single most pressing issue facing our board, district, etc. Truly affordable housing is the most pressing issue in District For too long, we've seen the real estate industry shape our political realities here and treat our ooffice as resources to be extracted.

As a result, we've seen long-time residents pushed out as rent and housing costs go up. Date michael the office City Council, I intend to return the power to shape our communities to the people who actually live in them.

Welcome to Reddit,

I will fight to strengthen tenant rights, end all evictions, protect and fund NYCHA, expand social housing, and end homelessness. What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this post? As a tenant organizer, I'm the only candidate in the race with a track record of fighting for truly affordable housing and against luxury real estate development. I also have no ties to the real estate industry or establishment politicians who have failed us, so I can be uniquely trusted to stand up for the people who live in this district—not the check this out special interests who just see our communities as sources of profit. How date michael the office you think local officials performed in responding to the coronavirus? What if anything would you have done differently?

As our State lost billions in revenue, and scores of people lost their livelihoods and their homes, the rich only got richer.


As an organizer, I was out on the streets during this time calling on Governor Cuomo and our leaders in Albany to increase taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations so we could continue fund the social services that New Yorkers rely on to survive. I was also fighting for an eviction moratorium and to cancel rent so that tenants could stay in their homes. If I were in City Council, I would have fought for a just budget that prioritized working people—especially Black and brown New Yorkers—who have borne the brunt of the COVID pandemic's twin health and economic crises.

I'm also committed to supporting small business owners and the jobs they provide our communities. We link to create a comprehensive system of commercial rent stabilization that limits rent increases and provides stability to small businesses, and we need to increase date michael the office amount of capital and support that is offered to Black- and brown-owned businesses.

Describe the other issues that define your campaign platform. This campaign is about putting people over profits in all aspects of life. To make our communities safe, we need to invest more in social services—not policing. To ensure a livable climate, we need to put renewable energy over the greed of the fossil fuel industry.

And to ensure that people are healthy, we need to make healthcare a human right—not just another revenue stream. What accomplishments in your past date michael the office you cite as evidence you can handle this job?

date michael the office

As a leader in the Crown Heights Tenant Union, I organized our members for trainings, actions, and events throughout the state, which culminated with the read article rent law wins in Inas part of the Rent Justice Coalition, I helped win a rent freeze on one-year leases—and for two-year leases, a freeze in the first year and a one percent increase in the second year. Alongside my neighbors, I've also sued the city and luxury developers to stop racist rezonings that would displace long-term, working-class Black and Brown residents of Crown Heights. The first court case resulted in the nullification of the Franklin Avenue rezoning, a crucial victory for our community. In our current case concerning the proposed development at Franklin Avenue, we've won a temporary restraining order that's halting development. In both cases, we represented ourselves in court.

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