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On the one hand, you are excited to finally go out with this person that you have been getting to know. On the other hand, you know there is a possibility that it might not work out leaving you exactly where you started. The last outcome is of course not desirable, but it is sometimes inevitable. Determining whether or not you are a good match is all about the questions you ask. Here are 7 good questions to ask on your fist date. How long have you been single and why? date questions to ask Date questions to ask

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

The awkward silences. They loom over, making everyone feel awkward, you loose date questions to ask train of thought, and are unsure how to resurrect the conversation. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning? I feel like this is a really great way to get to know someone, because it gives insight into what their priorities are, what their anxieties are, and what they spend the majority of their time thinking about. Advertisement If you could solve a mystery what would it be? While this might seem an odd thing to discuss on a first date, this is such an interesting conversation starter. What was your first job? Mine in a pizza takeaway, and I smelled of grease for a full 6 months.

If you could solve a mystery what would it be?

You can learn a lot about someones history through this kind of question, and how they were brought up. Was their first job in high school to fund trips to the cinema and fast food, or in college to help pay rent?

date questions to ask

Or have they never had to get one because their parents pay for everything? In any case, this is a really good conversation starter What country would you most like to visit? I feel like this question says a lot about what a persons values are. And on the flip side, wuestions is a good way to identify first date warning signs.

date questions to ask

This question is pretty simple and light hearted, but at the same time very revealing. What makes you laugh most says a lot about you. Advertisement What do you think the worst trend of all time is?

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From wedged sneakers, shoulder pads and all of the ridiculous viral denim trends of the past few years, this question is a really great way to bring some laughter into a conversation. Do you have a hidden talent?

date questions to ask

Again, a guarantee for laughs. Advertisement What is your favourite movie of all time? I feel like someones favourite movie says a lot about them, particularly their reasons why the film is their favourite. All manner of stuff involved kids, marriage, love at first sight, etcetera, is wayyy too intense for a first date. Advertisement So there you have it, simple and easy questions to ask on a first date that invite good, but laid back date questions to ask. Happy dating! Share 2 years ago Marni Rose McFall.]

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