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According to antiquemilkbottles.

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Take a look at your piece and see which category seems to fit it best: Round - If the bottle has a round bottom and tall, steep sides, it was probably made during the s or earlier. Square - If the bottle has a square bottom and shorter dating milk bottles, it was dating milk bottles likely made in the s or later. Examine the Style of Label Your bottle will may have a label or some other identifying mark. These labels prevented competitors from reusing the bottles of another manufacturer and ensured the bottles made it back to the correct dairy for refilling.

Although some older bottles may have no label at all, most do have some type of identifier.

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Look for the following styles: Applied Color Label Etched label - This is a frosted design etched in the glass. It may have been handwritten, or it may have been a stamp. This style could be from any era. Raised embossed label - This style features the dairy's name or symbol in raised glass.

dating milk bottles

bothles Prior tomanufacturers used a slug to add the glass design to the bottle during manufacturing. All-over raised design - Instead of just having a raised design on the label portion of the bottle, larger dairies had special molds that allowed them to create dating milk bottles with all-over raised designs. Applied color labels - Aftermany bottles featured applied color labels with the dairy's name or logo. These came in various single colors, including red, blue, and black. The label will tell you which dairy used your bottle, which can sometimes have an impact on the value. Know How to Spot a Reproduction As with any collectible item, there are reproduction milk bottles on the market.

Some of these are simply modern decorative items or milk bottles used by modern dairies and aren't intended to pass as antiques. However, others are fakes of dating milk bottles valuable bottles.

dating milk bottles

Either way, it's very important to understand how to identify these pieces. There are a few ways to know you have a reproduction.

Where to Buy and Sell Milk Bottles

Use extra caution with bottles featuring Disney images or war slogans, as these are frequently faked. If a war slogan bottle is stamped with the dateyou know it is a dating milk bottles. Check all applied color labels to see if the paint scratches off. A real label won't do this, but fake labels are simply printed on the glass.

How to Date and Authenticate Milk Bottles

Note that bottles from Wheaton Glass Works are new reproductions used by modern dairies. Where to Buy and Sell Milk Bottles Because they were so common only a few decades ago, milk bottles are still dating milk bottles easy to find in antique stores, at flea markets, and even at garage sales.

dating milk bottles

However, if you're a collector looking for a specific style or era, you may have better luck buying or selling a bottle on the Internet.]

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