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Dating my husband ideas

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Percentage of adults in the U. Source: Statista When it comes to planning a birthday party for your husband, the question one is always faced with is, what exactly is it that husbands want for their birthday?

dating my husband ideas

Answering this question is key to planning any enjoyable birthday party. There is no easy or straightjacket answer to this question.

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However, taking the 6 things we list below into account would go a long way in answering this question and ensuring you give your husband an enjoyable 60th birthday celebration. Health considerations. As the above chart shows, turning 60 also comes with its fair share of health and sometimes mobility.


dating my husband ideas

This will inform the type of party you can throw for him. If your husband is the reserved type that does not like large gatherings or parties, then organizing an extravagant party with a long guest list will have the opposite effect of being enjoyable to him. And since you do not want a birthday celebration that he would find dreadful, it is best to tailor any celebration to his personality. Dating my husband ideas time and duration of the event. Remember that at 60 he is no longer the agile 25 or 30 year old adult he was. Thus, it is best to have the birthday on a weekend and it should not exceed 5 hours max. So usually birthday celebrations that last from 4p.

Your budget for the party. This is arguably the first most important consideration.

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Your budget will determine how lavish or conservative your party will be. It will help you decide important things like what type of party to organize, where to have the party, and the number of persons to invite. Set your budget well in advance of the birthday so that you can start planning. The theme for the party, the venue of the party, and the number of guests to invite. If for instance he is not very outgoing and prefers celebrating special occasions with just close friends and family then you cannot have a long guest list.

You also would not need a big venue and would be able to play with a variety of themes suited to small intimate parties. Whatever type of party you choose, ensure that the guests are people dating my husband ideas read more your husband and dating my husband ideas he would love to spend the evening with.]

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