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Dating pflueger reels

Dating pflueger reels Video

Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel break down and clean. dating pflueger reels

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Often when I get a new outfit it never feels just right and it becomes a secondary rod and reel that I usually keep in my rod locker. It is often hard to tell how an outfit will perform until actually fishing with it.

dating pflueger reels

Both those companies are now owned by Shakespeare and they had sent us some equipment for the organization to raffle off to raise funds. I got the outfit at a very good price.

That outfit quickly became a favorite of mine. It worked well for jerkbaits and I landed a three pound spotted bass in a club tournament at Lanier in late May on it. Dating pflueger reels I started using it for Texas rigged worms and caught several of my basses at Weiss on it, including a four-pound largemouth. At Oconee in June, I set the hook on what I thought was a bass beside a boat dock, but it was probably the dock piling.

dating pflueger reels

When I set the hook the rod broke cating the first guide up from the reel, breaking so hard it also broke my line. I grabbed the end of the rod before it could sink and put it up. I mailed the broken rod back to All-Star and a couple of later I got a dating pflueger reels new one just like it in the mail.

dating pflueger reels

Their warranty service was excellent and they made my rod good even though I had not sent in the warranty card.]

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