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Quaint mining towns, Puerto Vallarta historical sites, and a chance to see the authentic side of Mexican culture await the curious traveler. There are restaurants to stop at as you enjoy the beautiful architecture and local traffic, which consists of cows, horses, and kids on bikes, as well as trucks.

Brush up on your Spanish so you can try some Panela, Oaxaca cheese, fresh produce, honey, agave nectar, and seafood. You may also want to try their famous Raicilla, which is similar to Tequila and recently legalized. If you time it right, you may find yourself in El Tuito during one of its dating sites puerto vallarta festivals, where you can see how the locals celebrate Mexican Independence Day in September or pay tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe in January.

dating sites puerto vallarta

This tour also includes a delicious lunch and dessert, as well as Tequila tasting. In addition to touring the beautiful El Tuito, you may want to check out the botanical gardens in Puerto Vallarta, which cover 64 acres of lush tropical vegetation.

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You can hike among the trees, flowers, and birds, or take a dip in the freshwater pools of the Horcones River. Vallarta Adventures offers multiple cultural tours so you can fully experience Mexican traditions, foods, and their everyday lifestyles. This full-day dating sites puerto vallarta in the heart of Banderas Bay includes a minute hike through the jungle where our guides will help you spot iguanas, tropical birds, and other wildlife. Finish the day with an al fresco meal on a secluded private beach.

Mountain Mining Towns Much of the Mexican history in the Sierra Madre mountains centers around the arrival of miners looking for ore and valuable minerals. Vallarta Adventures offers tours to all of these, giving you the opportunity to see original structures and Puerto Vallarta historical sites, dive into traditional Mexican culture, and enjoy the beautiful views.

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Beachside Towns You can also check out the towns of Sayulita and San Pancho with Vallarta Adventures and get a close look at a party town full of shops and surfers, and an art community filled with crafts and creations. You can grab a fish taco or try some homemade ice cream. Book some cultural tours from Vallarta Adventures and add some authentic Mexican experiences and Puerto Vallarta historical sites to your next trip. Check out our Hidden Mexico tour, which includes a tour of El Tuito, or try our other great options! Dating sites puerto vallarta to Vallarta Adventures Create unforgettable memories in Puerto Vallarta by embarking on the adventure of a lifetime with our wide selection of world-class tours!

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