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Discours speed dating I am a simple Soviet man. I was born March 9,to the family of a peasant. Economic and Monetary Union: past and present The place of my birth was in the Smolensk region. There were no princes or nobility in my family tree.

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Before the revolution my parents were poor peasants. The older generation of my family, my grandfather and grandmother, were also poor peasants, and there were no princes or counts in our family.

discours speed dating

Therefore, I will be forced to disillusion my self-appointed relatives in America. I attended grade school, then a manual school in Lyubertsy near Moscow.

discours speed dating

After that, I went to the Saratov Industrial Technicum to become a smelting designer. Discors, my oldest dream was to become a pilot. At the time of my graduation from that technicum inI simultaneously completed studies at the Saratov Discours speed dating. I served with one of the branches of the Soviet Armed Forces.

Economic and Monetary Union: past and present

At my discours speed dating request, I was accepted as a candidate to become a cosmonaut of the Soviet Union. I passed through a proper preparation period which was designed by our scientists. This was described in detail by the president of our Academy of Sciences. I successfully passed all preparations, learned the necessary technique and was ready for a cosmic flight. I am very happy and immensely thankful to our party and our government for eiscours me with this flight.]

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