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Pushing ourselves to get out there and connect with people who are similar in some ways and different in others gives us new outlooks on life and helps us grow as people. Today we will look at two types of people with different personality types to see how compatible they are. The ENFP and INTP personalities are quite interesting on their own, and these 10 facts about how these people could potentially act together can give you an insight as to how to work with these people. They help each other in difficult times Each of these personality types has a very different approach to looking at situations, and this means that in a time of difficulty, the other person will be able to offer a different perspective on the situation. An ENFP person will be primarily driven by emotion and use this to try and answer questions and resolve conflict. What this means is that they can often lack the raw logic needed to get through difficult times and make rational decisions. For the INTP person, they are nearly the exact opposite where they look at things like a calculator and try and find the most efficient and logical approach to solving issues. This may seem like a conflicting trait, but when one of the two parties is going through a rough time, the other person could provide the outside idea and way of looking at a problem that you would have never considered. They have deeper conversations One thing that keeps relationships fresh and interesting is the conversation. enfp intp dating

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They are naturally caring people who thrive when everyone around them is doing well. However, ESFJ personality types tend to be emotionally needy and look for affirmation from their significant other. Conflict and negativity are exceptionally upsetting for an ESFJ. They take criticism to heart and tend to view a single negative comment as an affront to their entire existence. They expect that their significant other will reciprocate and are unhappy if they do not. Affirmation is critical for ESFJs. If they do not receive recognition for their efforts, the ESFJ will frequently angle to get compliments. Because an ESFJ is serious about honoring their commitments, they require their partners to show the relationship the same diligence. Additionally, the partner of an ESFJ will do well to return the actions and commitment they receive from their significant other. A partner who enjoys a good time and likes to socialize will make their ESFJ happy and content. Enfp intp dating

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ENFPs \u0026 INTPs — A good or bad match?

I fear that in the last few months the dynamic of our relationship shifted from having fun in Ne land to the great conflict of our opposite strong and weak functions.

enfp intp dating

I think that I now subconsciously avoid being myself and try to not express thoughts of mine because of the many negative enfp intp dating highly emotional reactions I received in the past. And again if the conversation continues for a bit it usually ends in a pointless fight. I really try to not act like an ass and disregard her emotions by just telling the cold truth.

My first relationship ever actually.]

enfp intp dating

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