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First hinge message - that necessary

They were from an elite squad that normally investigates terrorism and organized crime, and said they were trying to deliver a notice alerting Twitter to misinformation allegedly tweeted by opposition politicians. But they arrived at 8 p. And Twitter's offices were closed anyway, under a coronavirus lockdown. It's unclear if they ever managed to deliver their notice. They released video of their raid afterward to Indian TV channels and footage shows them negotiating with security guards in the lobby. Related Story: Twitter In Standoff With India's Government Over Free Speech And Local Law The May 24 police raid — which Twitter later called an "intimidation tactic" — was one of the latest salvos in a confrontation between the Indian government and social media companies over what online content gets investigated or blocked, and who gets to decide. While the Indian constitution includes the right to freedom of speech, it also bans expression or publication of anything that risks India's security, public order or "decency. They require social media platforms to warn users not to post anything that's defamatory, obscene, invasive of someone else's privacy, encouraging of gambling, harmful to a child or "patently false or misleading" — among other things. first hinge message

First hinge message - think, that

G3 15 , hinge broken and case pops off dears friends, After using my laptop for almost 7 months, I started to hear some weird noises when I opened my laptop so I decided not to close it anymore because I had exams at that time. After my exams were finished I called the service but only for them to say that the warranty doesn't pay this back and the reparations would be around euros. I explained to them carefully that I actually never moved my laptop from its place or never put it in my backpack. I was always careful with it because it had cost me a lot of money while I worked for it as a student. While doing research for this problem I have found that it was not only me, but almost every G3 15 user had the same problem. I still don't understand why DELL is denying this problem. I am sure that this wouldn't even be an issue for a company as big and great as dell, if they covered this with a new laptop or paying back the money. I hope that i could make my point as a costumer, because if this issue isn't solved. I would never buy anthing for dell or let the people around me buy someting else. First hinge message

Jon G 'Bolter There's an upper and a lower spring on the top hinge, but other than that, they're as far as I've ever known the same.

If the JEDI program collapses, JADC2 is going to need a replacement cloud.

Suggestion: if you can weld, close those original fjrst and then re-drill them They get first hinge message out over time and that's what lets the springs go MIA in the first place. You can even braze the holes and re-drill, because these hinges are not getting the same amount of use as they did 40 years ago.

first hinge message

Anything that restores those holes will help. Another note: I've bought springs from 2 different vendors not Jim Carter and both were slightly different.

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One was clearly made in Taiwan. One was made somewhere else.

first hinge message

The length of the ends that fit into the hinge were what was different. The ones from Taiwan were a bit maybe 1.]

first hinge message

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