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Gun milan hindi free online

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gun milan hindi free online

Gun milan hindi free online Video

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The Rig Veda, credits Varunathe Hindu god of water and the celestial ocean[14] with knowledge of the ocean routes and describes the use of ships having hundred oars in the naval expeditions by Indians.

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There are also references to the side wings of a ship called Plava, which stabilizes the vessel during storms. Plava is considered to be the precursor of modern-day stabilizers. His army retreated to Mesopotamia on the ships built at Sindh.

In the later of his conquest, records show that the Emperor of Maurya EmpireChandragupta Mauryaas a part of war office, established an Admiralty Division under the Superintendent of Ships. Many historians from ancient India recorded the Indian trade relations with many countries, and even with countries as far as Java and Sumatra.

gun milan hindi free online

There were also references to the trade routes of countries in the Pacific and Indian Gun milan hindi free online. India also had trade relations with the Greeks and the Romans. At one instance Roman historian Gaius Plinius Secundus mentioned of Indian traders carrying away large masses of gold and silver from Rome, in payment for skins, precious stones, clothes, indigo, sandalwood, herbs, perfumes, and spices. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands served as an important halt point for trade ships en route to these nations and as well as China. During — AD the daily revenue from these nations was expected to be around maunds 8 tonnes 7. The bottoms were smeared with a preparation of quicklime and hemp, pounded together and mixed with oil from a certain tree which is a better material than pith [15] During 14th and frew centuries, Indian shipbuilding skills and their maritime ability was sophisticated enough to produce ships with a capacity to carry over hundred men.

Ships onlin had compartments included in their design, so that even if one compartment was damaged, the ship would remain afloat.


These features of were developed by Indians even before Europeans were aware of the idea. Soon after they set foot gun milan hindi free online India, the Portuguese started to hunt down all Asian vessels not permitting their trade. Amidst this, ina naval war at Bombay Harbour resulted in the surrender of ThaneKaranjaand Bandora.

Bythe Portuguese took complete control over the Bombay Harbour. The Zamorin of Calicut challenged the Portuguese trade when Vasco da Gama refused to pay the customs levy as per the trade agreement. This resulted in two major naval wars, the first one— Battle of Cochinwas fought inand the second engagement happened four years later off Diu.

Both these wars, exposed the weakness of Indian maritime power and simultaneously helped the Portuguese to gain mastery over the Indian waters. The alliance of the Moghuls article source the Sidis of Janjira was marked as a major power on the west coast. On the southern front, the 1st Sovereign of the Maratha EmpireChhatrapati Shivaji Maharajstarted creating his own fleet.

His fleet was commanded by notable admirals like Sidhoji Gujar and Kanhoji Angre.


However, the Marathas witnessed remarkable decline in their naval capabilities following the death of Angre in The origins of the Indian Navy date towhen an English vessel under the command of Captain Best encountered the Portuguese. Although the Portuguese were defeated, this incident along with the trouble caused gun milan hindi free online the mmilan to the merchant vessels, forced the British to maintain fleet near SuratGujarat. Their objective was to protect British merchant shipping off the Gulf of Cambay and up the Narmada and Tapti rivers. As the HEIC continued to expand its rule and influence over different parts of India, the responsibility of Company's Marine increased too.

gun milan hindi free online

Much later, it was also involved in the First Anglo-Burmese War of Due to some unrecorded reasons, the Navy's name reverted to the Bombay Marine from toafter which it was named Her Majesty's Indian Marine. The Marine participated in World War I with a fleet of patrol vessels, troop carriers, and minesweepers. InD.]

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