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That's the old school way of doing it. Think about an amp - some pedals go in front, some can go in an FX loop - using the Aux or an insert is basically an FX loop.

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So you could absolutely onlind it the same - putting mods and delays in the "loop". One thing to be wary of is levels though - the aux loop is all about how much you're sending to the pedals, which is going to make them behave differently than when feeding them direct from the synth unless your aux send and return is at unity and you've got ther Aux send set to Pre and your gain control is at unity.

hooking up read online

And another thing just to be aware of is that many hooking up read online vary in volume pretty drastically from patch to patch - so level matching them all to get consistent results from pedals is never a bad idea. A loud sound feeding a drive is going go here drive the drive hard than a quieter sound - so you'll get a different level of saturation on the two sounds and this is where the Aux "loop" can be helpful because if you can level match them at the input trim or fader and make the aux post fader then you get a more consistent level across your aux.

hooking up read online

A drive in line is going to send a driven signal to the mixer. But in an aux loop, unless you mute the mixer channel and only monitor the aux return, you're going to get a blend of the dry signal and hooking up read online driven signal - which can be cool, but may not be what you want. But, doing it that way gives you both options - you just have to know what you're doing.]

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