How to find love in your 30s -

How to find love in your 30s Video

If You Think It's Impossible To Find Love In Your 30's how to find love in your 30s

No matter how hard you try, there are no guys you really click with.

Everyone your exes included seems to be moving on except you. Plus, the baggage is yours. You owe it to yourself to dump it for good. Need help ditching the baggage?

how to find love in your 30s

I have a short course that helps you ditch it and create the mindset to attract love. Set boundaries Many smart single women deny themselves of what they really want.

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When a guy comes along with decent values and treats you sort of ok, you tend to have high hopes. And because you feel time is running out, less than what your heart wants is acceptable. You need to communicate your needs. Men do want to make you happy, they do. They just need guidance to do it.

I talk a lot about this in Goodbye Casual Dating. Have a life. Women who have their own thing going on and love life and so much more attractive than those whose only goal is to get married Be your own person.

how to find love in your 30s

No one likes to be told they need to change. Always pick shared values over shared interests. They go deeper. When I first met Iona, there was another woman I was kind of dating.

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Her and I had much more in common than Iona and I but the emotional connection and shared values won me over in the end. Create a life that you love so much that other guys will think — I think I want to be a part of it. W hen it comes to finding love at any age, it has a lot to do with mindset, knowing how link set boundaries, communicating your needs and understanding men.

If you want to transform your love life I have a few courses that can help:.]

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