How to hook up 2 lights to 1 switch -

How to hook up 2 lights to 1 switch - speaking

This would be a two wire cable black, white, ground take the black wire and connect it to one screw on the switch and connect the ground wire to a screw inside the electrical switch box mounted to the wall. Now run a two wire cable from the first light location to the switch box. Connect the black wire from it to the other screw on the switch and the ground wire to the box as before. Now take both white wires and connect them with a marrette wire connecter and fold them into the back of the electrical box out of the way. This will complete your switch connection. Now for all light locations run a two wire cable from one location to the next,this should give you two, two wire cables at every light location except the very last one, it should have only one two wire cable. TIP: Make sure to allow extra wire at each switch or fixture to work with easily so that it is not to short. I like to leave about 16". Only strip about " of outer jacket off though. The outer jacket is the rubber coating holding all three individual wires together that make up the two wire cable. how to hook up 2 lights to 1 switch How to hook up 2 lights to 1 switch

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Daisy-Chaining Light Fixtures Daisy-chaining is not the same as placing lights together in a row. When you connect lights in series, if one of them fails, they all go out.

how to hook up 2 lights to 1 switch

Standard electrical color-coding makes it simple when you are wiring them in parallel. That wire will most likely be routed via the ceiling. Simply connect the black wire to the two existing black wires, then repeat with the white and ground wires. You may attach another fixture to the one you just connected using the same technique, and you may keep adding fixtures until the total current demand of the circuit meets the breaker rating limit.

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Are you acquainted with how to connect multiple LED strips to a single power source? Many of them make the assumption that you already know something about lighting gadgets before you go hooj of your way to buy them. From starting to ending, the current in this circuit follows a single route. The pattern you choose will likely be determined by the area or item you wish to light.


From end to end, you now have a length of multiple strips connected together. Before attaching it into its male counterpart for powering, connect the ends of the series of strips to the 2. The sum of the voltages required by each strip in the series includes the net amount of power required.

how to hook up 2 lights to 1 switch

Remember that though the same amount of current flows from one end to the other in a series circuit, the voltage varies on every point. As a result, to prevent reducing the quality of the light output, make sure the power output here sufficient to power all of the strips.]

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