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Navigation menu Naik, Dr. Ratnakar A new trend has begun to field a candidate of their own caste irrespective of interrelatioship merits or demerits.

The caste leaders pressurise the political parties to provide seats to those whose number is in majority so that people of a caste can vote en bloc for a candidate of interrelationship dating same or different caste either in pursuance of the decision of Caste Panchayat or their leaders. In case a single caste is not found to be effective, alliances are made on caste basis.

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At present the political parties are also intelligent to pick up the caste based leaders to mobilize the votes on caste considerations 35 Internet Addiction Among University Students in Relation to Their PersonalitySujatha, Kadhiravan, S. Internet plays a vital role in education interrelationship dating at university level. The utility of internet now turn to be a nightmare for many students and interrelationship dating were found to be unable to stop its usage. They become addicted with this technology and inturn, their characteristic behavior is affected to a larger extent. An attempt was made to explore the relationship between internet addiction and personality of university students.

Results revealed that male students as well as students from Arts discipline have displayed higher internet addiction.

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A few dimensions of personality factors have significant association with internet addiction. The findings and implications are discussed in this article. Goverdhan, Prof. Haragopal Healthcare plays important role in the government. The efficiency of hospitals is interrelationship dating on the basis of efficiency. A great change in recent years in hospitals for interrelationship dating patients. Even the government has to compete with private hospitals. It is an important to find the appropriate resource allocation to the maximum. This study focuses the changes in health sector.

interrelationship dating

It studies the hospital efficiency at district level government hospitals. Government should analyze about the efficiency regularly on quality of health care.

interrelationship dating

The number of hospitals, Primary Health Centers and beds are taken for analysis in Andhra Interrelationship dating and Telangana region. As it is input oriented and constant return to scale, Data Envelopment Analysis DEA is used to find out the relative efficacy.

Ambedkar that he is the Interrelationship dating of the present age. It is true that Ambedkar was quite equal to the task of constitution making that had been entrusted to him. Undoubtedly, Ambedkar was brilliant both as a Politician and Scholar. His contribution to the drafting and interrelationship dating of the India interrekationship was enormous and excellent. Manu the law giver of Hindu Society made laws for the Hindu Society only and regarded human laws as divine but Ambedkar the modern constitution maker of India made laws Indian Society- Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs etc.]

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