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June 25th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Cancer - Part 1 june 25th zodiac sign

This New Moon Solar Eclipse represents a new beginning. Whatever path has been cleared for us by the Blood Moon, we can now begin to see where we are heading.

june 25th zodiac sign

No matter where we currently stand, this Solar New Moon Eclipse will ensure that we are headed in the right direction. It signals a time to embrace the new. Trust in whatever has been moving and shaking for you.

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Know that whatever needs to fall away will fall, and whatever needs to stay will stay. That is the nature and power of Eclipses. It is an Annular Eclipse, which means the 2t5h of the Earth will move into the middle of the Sun, source a ring of fire.

Gemini is represented by the twins, with one twin being mortal and the other immortal. These two twins represent the duality we face on Earth.

Asteroids Aspecting the Solar Eclipse

We are humans, limited by our physical bodies and in need of material comforts, but we are also limitless souls, on an endless journey of growth. On a human level, we can find ourselves labeling things or events as good or bad, but on a soul 25yh, we understand the bigger picture and know that all experiences serve their purpose.

june 25th zodiac sign

Recognizing this duality within us can be tricky, but may also help to bring some ease as we navigate any changing or unsettling energies that flow our way. How can we let go of the labels and stories we are telling ourselves, and look at june 25th zodiac sign through a new lens? With Neptune june 25th zodiac sign in this June Eclipse, and Mercury still check this out retrograde, we may find ourselves coming face to face with some new information or even mental processes that may feel overwhelming or confusing. Even though this New Moon Eclipse promises new beginnings and is a fertile time to plant seeds, it calls for us to move slowly and to trust in our intuition. If something feels off, listen. In fact, a good reminder under this Eclipse energy is to not believe everything you think or hear!

Our intuition will be our guide, so if things feel mentally foggy or if you feel like you are being manipulated by someone, be sure to drop in and trust the wisdom and inner guidance of your soul. Along with Neptune and Mercury both being active at this Eclipse, so too is Saturn. Saturn is also currently in retrograde, and may stir things from our past that need to be looked at once more.

june 25th zodiac sign

This is not about going back to ruminate on the past, rather it is about acknowledging- what have I learned? We are moving into new territory under this Eclipse, but the wisdom from our past can be a faithful guide.]

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