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Kundali match by name in hindi kundali match by name in hindi. kundali match by name in hindi

Just looking at the merits and demerits does not match. It is important to understand the secret of this matching deeply.

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This match is not caste-based. Need an expert's advise?

kundali match by name in hindi

Which is determined according to the constellation at the time nsme the birth of a person. According to the 27 constellations, there are 14 yonis. Like the sarp and the vanar, the gaj and the singh, the gau and the singh, the mushak and the billi, the ashav and the mahisha, the vanar and the mesh, these are Mahavair Yoni. The result of this yonis defect is mainly seen in the form of sexual intercourse. Therefore the relationship of this dosha is seen as a satisfactory relationship.

Match making kundli for marriage in marathi

They try to kill each other on sight. Similarly this defect comes in the horoscope of boy and girl. So we say that their physical relationship will not be good. Matching of yoni dosha is not proper.

kundali match by name in hindi

How many times it is seen that there is always a quarrel between husband and wife regarding this issue. Therefore every aspect of Kundli matching should be considered before marriage. Before matching the horoscope, these 11 yogas must be seen in the horoscope of the boy and the girl.]

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