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Therefore, we aimed to identify the primary motivations of emerging adults to use Tinder.

1. Pick Your Images Sensibly

The study was conducted among Dutch year old emerging adults who completed an online survey. In contrast to previously suggested, the Love motivation appeared to be a stronger motivation to use Tinder than the Casual Sex motivation. In line with literature on online dating, men were ttinder likely to report a Casual Sex love me tinder for using Tinder than women.

love me tinder

In addition, men more frequently reported Ease of Communication and Thrill of Excitement motives. With regard to age, the motivation Love, Casual Sex and Ease of Communication were positively related to age. Finally, Tinder motivations were meaningfully related to offline encounters with Tinder matches.

love me tinder

Tinder should not be seen as merely a fun, hookup app without any strings attached, but as a new way for emerging adults to initiate committed romantic relationships. Notably, the findings call for a more encompassing perspective on why emerging adults use Tinder.]

love me tinder

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