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He developed the fantasy of a flying house on the idea of escaping from life when it becomes too irritating, [13] [16] which stemmed from his difficulty with social situations growing up. Docter was not concerned about an elderly protagonist, stating that children would relate love older men Carl the way they relate to their grandparents. The initial version featured a floating city on an alien planet populated with muppet-like creatures, [19] with two brothers vying to inherit their father's kingdom, and when the brothers fell to Earth, they encountered a tall bird who them understand each other.

But the story just didn't seem to love older men properly, and Docter and Peterson realized that the most intriguing element was the isolation of the floating city.

love older men

Yet the people living there would consist of a whole community, and were therefore not really isolated. So the whole city was stripped down to a single flying house with just a single occupant, where balloons replaced the magic which kept the floating city up.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

After that they got the idea to use an old person, and found the contrast between the elderly grumpy man and the happy balloons in Docter's drawing appealing, inspiring them to work out his backstory. The next concept mrn many of the love older men that eventually made their way into the film, but had Carl and Russell landing the house on a Soviet-era spy airship camouflaged as a giant cloud rather than on a tepui. This concept was rewritten due to its similarity to another idea Pixar was developing. Another idea Docter added, then removed, was magic fountain-of-youth eggs laid by the bird, in order to explain the age discrepancy between Muntz and Carl, but they decided this subplot was too distracting, and people would forgive the minor inconsistency.

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Grant gave the script his approval as well as some advice before his death in It's like how we would go to eat with Joe Grant and he would call the waitresses 'honey'. I wish I could call a waitress 'honey'. It was almost a kind of strange suicide mission or something.

love older men

And obviously that's [a problem]. Once he gets airborne, then what? So we had to have some goal for him to achieve that he had not yet gotten.]

love older men

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