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A skull found at ParambikulamKeralaIndia The gaur is the largest extant bovid. There is a prominent ridge on the back. The ears are very large. In the old bulls, the hair becomes very thin on the back. The adult male is dark brown, male sugar baby site black in very old individuals. The upper part of the head, from above the eyes to the nape of the neck, is ashy grey, or occasionally dirty white. The muzzle is pale coloured, and the lower part of the legs are horoscope cusp white or tan. The cows and young bulls are paler, and in some instances have a rufous tinge, which is most marked in groups inhabiting dry and open areas.

The tail is shorter than in the typical oxenreaching only to the hocks. They have a distinct ridge running from the shoulders to the middle of the back; the shoulders may be as much as 12 cm 4.

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This ridge is caused by the great length of the spinous processes of the vertebrae of the fore-part of the trunk as compared with those of the loins. The hair is short, fine and glossy; the hooves are narrow and pointed.

male sugar baby site

Both sexes have horns, which grow from the sides of the head, curving upwards. Between the horns is a high convex ridge on the forehead.

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At their bases they present an elliptical cross-section, a characteristic that bsby more strongly marked in bulls than in cows. The horns are decidedly flattened at the base and regularly curved throughout their length, and are bent inward and slightly backward at their tips.

The colour of the horns is some shade of pale green or yellow throughout the greater part of their length, but the tips are black.

male sugar baby site

Her horns are more slender and upright, with more inward curvature, and the frontal ridge is scarcely perceptible. In in asl sign dating animals, the horns are smooth and polished. In old bulls they are rugged and dented at the base. At the top of its muscular hump just behind its shoulder, an average adult male is just under cm 6 ft 7 in tall and the male's girth at its midsection behind its shoulders averages about cm 9 ft 1 in. Males male sugar baby site about one-fourth larger and heavier than females.

In general measurements are derived from gaurs surveyed in India. Indian gaur males averaged about 1, kg 3, lb in a sample of 13 and females weigh a median of approximately male sugar baby site 1, lb. Today, the range of the species is seriously fragmented, and it is regionally extinct in Sri Lanka. Gaur habitat is characterized by large, relatively undisturbed forest tracts, hilly terrain below an altitude of 1, to 1, m 4, to 5, ftavailability of water, and an abundance of forage in the form of grassesbambooshrubs, and trees. Their apparent preference for hilly terrain may be partly due to the earlier conversion of most of the plains and other low-lying areas to croplands and pastures.

Low-lying areas seem to comprise optimal habitat. These two parks are connected by a chain of forested hills. Population trends appeared to be relatively stable. Census conducted in Parsa National Park confirmed the presence of gaur in the same period.

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The Western Ghats and their outflanking hills in southern India constitute one of the most extensive extant strongholds of gaur, in male sugar baby site in the Wayanad — Nagarhole — Mudumalai — Bandipur complex. During a camera trap project, few gaur were recorded indicating that the population is fragmented and probably declining. In the mostly semi-evergreen Dong Phayayen — Khao Yai Forest Complexthey were recorded at low density at the turn of the century, with an estimated total of about individuals. The most substantial population of the country remained in Mondulkiri Provincewhere up to individuals may have survived in a forested landscape of over 15, km2 5, sq mi.

male sugar baby site

Overhunting had reduced the population, and survivors occurred mainly in remote sites. Fewer than six National Biodiversity Conservation Areas held more than 50 individuals.]

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