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Houston Methodist hospital, which oversees eight hospitals and has more than 26, methodist dating website, set a Monday deadline for staffers to get the vaccine or risk suspension and termination. The hospital said Tuesday that full-time or part-time employees, who did not get fully vaccinated and were not granted an exemption or deferral, were suspended for 14 days without pay for not complying with the requirement.

methodist dating website

If those suspended do not get vaccinated methodist dating website the two-week period, they will be terminated, a spokesperson for the hospital told ABC News. Last month, Houston Methodist employees sued the hospital for mandating the vaccine. Food and Drug Administration issued its first emergency use authorization for COVID in Decemberbut the vaccines are awaiting full FDA approval and licensing, which will likely take months for the agency to review additional data.

methodist dating website

The lawsuit said forcing the plaintiffs to take the vaccine violates public policy in Texas and requested a temporary injunction to prevent the hospital from methdist employees. Some of those accommodations may be allowing an unvaccinated employee to wear methodist dating website face mask and social distance while at work, to work a modified shift, get periodic tests for COVID, be given the opportunity to telework or accept a reassignment, according to the guidance. All rights reserved.]

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