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A few minutes into our weekly family FaceTime, my grandma excitedly announced to our whole family that she had a new beau. Maybe it was the photo she shared of him shaking hands with Joe Biden. Or maybe it was the lack of internet presence for a man important enough to pose alongside the President of the United States. Anyway, I knew, almost intuitively, that something was wrong. One week later, I learned I was right.

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TOP 5 ROMANCE SCAMS OF 2021 online romance scams 2020 Online romance scams 2020

‘It’S Just Blatant Stupidity’: Woman Caught Up In $6 Million Love Scam

These scammers impersonate Chinese authorities link accuse their victims of committing a crime, such as sending a parcel with illegal goods like fake credit cards, and threaten them with deportation or arrest unless they paid money or provided their personal information.

Scams also impacted Indigenous Australians in While the losses were 4 per cent lower than those inthe reports increased by nearly 25 per cent. The most financially damaging scams for Indigenous communities were dating and romance scams, followed by investment scams and online shopping scams.

online romance scams 2020

Dating and romance scams accounted for about half of these losses. More one third of reporters also said they had lost personal information. Meanwhile, 25 per cent of people without disability reported losing personal information.

More information on scams is available on the Scamwatch websiteincluding how to make a onlie and where to get help.


There was also a big increase in investment scams for people from a CALD background — 20 per cent compared to the 6. Indigenous Australians Indigenous Australians made up 1.

online romance scams 2020

Of the 3, reports by Indigenous people, This compares with 25 per cent of reports from non-Indigenous. Read more.]

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