Reddit tinder horror stories -

Reddit tinder horror stories

Reddit tinder horror stories - event

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People Share Their TINDER Horror STORY (r/AskReddit)

Reddit tinder horror stories - good

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Flipboard Tinder, an online dating site, has recently launched a useful new feature on its dating platform that can save users from some truly embarrassing moments. As the name suggests, this feature gives Tinder users more control over their online dating experience.

reddit tinder horror stories

It allows them to block people, such as friends, family members, exes, or even colleagues — whom they do not want to see in their profiles from appearing in their profiles. It also makes sure that these people are unable to see their profiles, as well. One advantage of this Tinder feature is that blocked contacts will not storise if they have been blocked.

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Also, according to Tinder, that blocking someone does not mean they already have an existing account on Tinder. Here is the process to do so: Open your Tinder profile and tap on the profile icon. To access your contacts option, press the Grant Tinder permission.

reddit tinder horror stories

Under the Contacts tab, choose the people that you want to avoid from your contact list. Click on the button that reads Tinder Block Contacts.]

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