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This couple from Portugal elected to do so every day. This woman you see in the image below did just that, and the said photo caused an unexpected stir in the marriage. Not the Spotlight Type The wife, Iris, is someone who many people would describe as being physically stunning, which means men tend to notice her. She was always shy, but her friends suggested a dating app. She created her profile, and a lot of rude guys came along. Eventually, she liked and matched with Thomas. It only took two days after matching for them to start learning about each other by having a cozy bar date. It went well. Iris, unaware of the bigger plan, was very receptive to it. A Cool Surprise Trip Popping the Question Though the relationship was only in its early stages when the traveling began, Thomas already knew he wanted Iris. save tinder photos. Save tinder photos

Let the Swiping Begin

June 11, Grim. The pair had been involved in an off and on again relationship for the past ten years but had been broken up for the last couple, although they did run a pizzeria together which was probably a bit problematic.

save tinder photos

Yeah considering she mutilated his body and cut his penis off and ate it, I kinda feel like this explanation of why it happened is a lot more likely than the one where she killed him in self defence. Not sure when the trial is happening but it seems like a foregone conclusion with that information.]

save tinder photos

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