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Shooting the Perfect Tinder Profile Picture tinder profile frame. Tinder profile frame

6. Lying in your Tinder Profile

By Bianca Farmakis 3 days ago A pregnant bride-to-be is looking to have "as much fun as possible" before her wedding day — and has set up a Tinder account to do so. The anonymous woman, identified as Gwen, 26, grame in her bio she is pregnant, "engaged to a wonderful man" and looking for someone to "steal her away" from her fiance. The Tinder user, tinder profile frame interests include yoga, festivals and volunteering, explained the couple are getting married in March I'm also intrigued tinder profile frame see if you could attempt to steal me from my fiance," she shared. A screenshot of Gwen's Tinder profile was reposted on Reddit, enraging users who called dating fernley actions "selfish".

tinder profile frame

The Tinder user explained they tinder profile frame getting married in March and their fiance was unaware of their endeavours. How would you like to be my next long-term relationship? Others speculated whether the profile was a "fake" set up to frame the woman. Especially what it says rpofile the end - it reads like someone really doesn't like this woman, so decided to take her pics and do this," another claimed. But most simply agreed: "I feel bad for the guy.]

tinder profile frame

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