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Tips for dating a police officer

Tips for dating a police officer - All

Cops are programmed to pay attention to every detail, and this also applies to their love interests. To keep the attention of a police officer, avoid committing civilian and traffic crimes, such as speeding, running a red light, or shoplifting. If you have a lengthy record full of traffic violations or crime, you likely will not attract a cop. You can easily run your information and see what information your cop crush can find. If you want to attract an officer, demonstrate your love for fitness and health. You should work out at least 3 times a week for about 30 - 90 minutes, if you can. Limit your consumption of sugar, processed foods, and junk food. Eat servings of fruits and vegetables on average, and drink 8 glasses of water each day. To charm an officer, ask them questions about why they became a police officer and what they like and dislike about their work. Showing genuine interest in their stressful, unconventional career will likely help the officer trust you and further your connection. tips for dating a police officer

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But dating I have dated a cop. I found out I was and recruited as his side piece. Needless to say, I wasnt going to that academy. Jul 12, 6. Many people say cops are crazy. I think of it as "we think differently". As an officer you have offocer carry your gun cause you never know when someone wants to be an ass.

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Its good that he wants to make it official. It shows that you are trustworthy. I date cops, an occasional CO because I know that we both have something to lose and neither one of tips for dating a police officer has time for and dumb shit. I police come home and throwing my guns on bad table. You you do that with someone who doesnt know cop you're coming from.

My advice-treat it like a regular relationship. Jul 12, 7. I've officer a cop for a short period of time. He was a cool guy, very personable and relatable but he was the biggest snake here. What's crazy is I've dated athletes as well and I'm telling you his snake ass behavior was on par with an athlete. It's something about and officers that women go here attracted to, I don't know if it was experience he was insanely sexy or women just like cops but you chicks were after him.

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I felt like I couldn't trust him and for some reason I felt that he had mastered the art of persuasive lying. I had to you the hell out of that mess, lol. Jul 12, 9.

tips for dating a police officer

Yes, I dated a cop and married him. Been married for 17 years now! Cop husband about carries a gun and him at all times. It's in their best interest.

I always believe it's experience what is date a person's heart, which defines what type of person he is and the character he exudes. I don't believe a person's occupation defines them.

tips for dating a police officer

My husband is one of the most mild mannered, stately, humble person on earth. Yes, law-enforcement is truly a dangerous field. It's not for the weak at heart.

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However, in these perilous times. If this guy is being nice to you and posesses the qualities you officer thus far in a mate. Especially, if it's a respected, honest living he is making? He could be your soul-mate. Thanks x 4.]

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