Tom dating stassi -

Tom dating stassi - question

Who stole the episode, and why? Thomas F. The poignant but beautiful montage of latchkey kid Bill making himself a sandwich and settling in for an afternoon of solitary TV. And it also drives home how celebrities and popular culture can be a refuge, a strong source of identification, and a bridge to the adult world during a time when our immediate surroundings seem hostile. tom dating stassi.


Let me set the scene. Like, literally. ERIKA is clutching her small coffee cup.

tom dating stassi

He's good? He's good.

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He's at the firm. Listen, it probably keeps everything going. You know what I mean? Now, I didn't sleep through only half of a film studies class 20 years ago to not takeaway some key things from this very brief, but very meaty, exchange.

tom dating stassi

And they are: Garcelle seems easy to talk to. She's great at some small talk and will make anyone feel comfortable.

tom dating stassi

Under the right circumstances and the right alcohol, I bet most people would feel very safe opening up to her. But not Erika. Erika, in her white winter hat and white jacket and white sweatshirt and whit sunglasses and with her white coffee cup lid, is keeping whatever she does stassii doesn't know about Tom's alleged wrongdoing close to the vest.

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If that vest were literal, it would be white. If you had told Garcelle back when they were filming this scene in late October,that someone would have gone to the trouble to transcribe this seemingly, at the time, extremely innocuous conversation between she and Erika, no way she would have believed you. Erika might have, though. Erika might have understood why.]

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