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LEGALLY CHANGE YOUR AGE?! - Emile Ratelband wants to legally change his age by 20 years! what age is legal to date

Last updated09 June BST A cross-party group of MPs have called for the age at which people can buy cigarettes to agge raised from 18 to 21 in a bid to end the ' tobacco epidemic ' by The All Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health has said that the legal age at which tobacco products can be bought should be raised, in order to crack down on children and young people smoking - and to aid those who currently smoke to quit.

The MPs also want tobacco companies to pay for it, and have announced that they'll pursue a 'polluter pays' amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill in order to ensure this.

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The group has also demanded that efforts and funds aimed at reducing levels of smoking be targeted to areas where smoking causes the most harm and damage. Advert 10 Groups such as the unemployed, those working routine and manual jobs, those who are pregnant, and those with mental health conditions are among the groups they believe should receive more funding and support to become smoke-free.

what age is legal to date

These recommendations are backed by both health charities and medical organisations. Credit: PA MPs from across the house have argued that the government's commitment to 'build back better' after Covid will be 'better and fairer' if it makes smoking a thing of the past.

what age is legal to date

Advert 10 Bob Blackman, the head of the group, said: "Our report sets out measures which will put us on track to achieve the government's ambition to end smoking bybut they can't be delivered without funding. Advert 10 Seventy-seven percent would gladly see a monetary fee or levy placed on tobacco manufacturers to fund measures which would get people to stop - or not to start - smoking. She told Sky News : "Currently smoking rates are not declining nearly fast enough. Advert 10 "If, as called for by the APPG, the recommendations in its report are implemented legapwe can get on track to make smoking obsolete by ]

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