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The only dating advice you'll ever need what to do once youre dating What to do once youre dating

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NerdLove Leave a Comment I want to tell you some harsh truths about dating. Truths that, when you understand them, will explain why dating can be a nightmare.

what to do once youre dating

And the key to understanding them starts with gambling and religious pigeons. The reason why it can be a shitstorm of Michael Bay proportions is because… well, because of people. Not with others and — more often — not with themselves. Even when those lies are actually contributing to making dating a miserable experience. And this will make dating that much easier, less stressful and more satisfying.

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Inbehavioral scientist B. Skinner tested the concept of operant conditioning in part by taking http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_fhdebug/free-online-dating-young-professionals/old-and-new-zodiac-dates.php pigeons and putting them in boxes. Each group had a mechanism that the pigeons could operate. In the control box, when the mechanism was pressed, food would be delivered. The what to do once youre dating of the food was completely at random; pellets might be delivered when the button was pressed, it might not. Other times, pellets would just be dropped into the box. They, like humans, try to assign meaning and order to chaos. And so, they would start to adopt behaviors that they were performing when food pellets were dropped into the box.

This ultimately ended up with what amounted to religion in pigeons as they created increasingly elaborate rituals to appease the Food Gods and starting internecine wars with the apostate crows who realized the whole thing was bullshit and taught each other break into the machines instead. Of course this sounds absurd; what the hell do Skinner boxes and superstitious pigeons have to do with harsh dating truths? PUA schools teach similar techniques, service atlantic city dating human interaction like a flowchart of if-then statements and advocating methods of persuasion based on high-pressure sales tactics.

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Particularly shitty ones that line up with the Red Pill philosophy will actually encourage the same sort of manipulative and coercive behaviors that abusers use to keep their victims in line. Some of it is based on inaccurate ideas about male and female sexualitysome of it is based around increasingly outdated gender roles and a whole lot of it is just straight magical thinking — about as reliable as pigeons spinning in circles to get more food. A lot of pick-up artists invented their techniques out of whole cloth, very much like those pigeons.

what to do once youre dating

Mystery et. In reality, a lot of successes came despite their techniques; they would frequently end up being at least partially right, but for all the wrong reasons.

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yooure But the benefit of those rules and flowcharts is that they provide the illusion of control. Nor is it poker. Dating is blackjack. Through careful play, you can increase your odds of success and tilt things in your favor. It has nothing to do with logic or biology or attraction switches, nor does it have anything to do with looking like an MCU Chris.]

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