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Griffin and dixie kiss

Very: Griffin and dixie kiss

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griffin and dixie kiss. griffin and dixie kiss

Punched Mookie in the stomach [ Aug 3, ] Arrested for assaulting a police officer, Jesse Hubbard [ Aug 3, ] Stole Bianca's car and then crashed it while driving drunk [ Aug griffin and dixie kiss, ] Secretly recorded Bianca Click the following article and his ex-wife, Marissa, having sex [ Aug 24, ] Unlawful discharge of a firearm; fired a gun inside the Chandler griffin and dixie kiss [ Sep 23, ] Shot and killed Marissa Tasker [revealed May 2, ] Drug use; used steroids to speed along his post-coma recovery [Jun - Sep ] Blackmailed a minor in order to obtain his supply of steroids [ Jul 1, ] Theft; stole a prescription form from Cara Castillo's belongings [ Aug 5, ] Health and Vitals Contracted hepatitis A after his bone marrow was stolen from him [spring ] Diagnosed with cancer [Sep ] Spent five years in a coma after being shot by David Hayward [revealed May 2, ; J.

Adam wanted a son desperately, but Brooke was unable to give him one. Adam was determined to produce his own blood heir, so he slept with Dixie in the Chandler boathouse and she became pregnant. Dixie gave birth to Junior inand Adam plotted to secretly adopt him. Brooke would never know the child was his.

griffin and dixie kiss

But when Junior was born, Dixie refused to give him up, demanding that Adam make a choice between her and Brooke. Adam told Dixie she was his choice.


Brooke overheard their conversation and was disgusted. She packed her bags and went to Jackson Montgomery, who helped her win half of Adam's fortune. Scrambling to secure his legacy, Adam promised to marry Dixie. He then attempted to drive Dixie insane and get her to commit herself to Laurel Hill, a mental institution. If his plan was successful, Junior would be solely Adam's. Tad realized griffin and dixie kiss Adam was up to and helped Dixie escape from the hospital. Tad and Dixie married see more InTad was presumed dead when a bomb exploded as he struggled with Billy Clyde Tuggle on a railroad bridge after saving Dixie after she was kidnapped.

Dixie and Tad married again in InJunior told Dixie he saw Tad kissing Grifvin. InAdam got a court order for temporary custody of Junior using Camille Hawkins as a reason.

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Dixie moved back to Pine Valley with Junior and eventually decided to stay. Dixie and Tad were married a third time inand Adam became jealous of Tad's griffin and dixie kiss over Junior. He tried to put Junior in a boarding school, but Tad and Dixie found out in time to stop it. Things were relatively calm for Junior for most of the next two years. But by year's end, Junior began to spiral out of control. Dixie's involvement with Dr. David Hayward sent Junior who asked to be called J. He began to hang around with some questionable schoolmates and his behavior became more troubled. Junior paid a classmate to write a term paper and on several occasions used some colorful language directed towards his mother.

With each passing day, J. Things got really out of hand when a high on Ecstasy J. In court, J. Angry that his stepfather Tad had brought Leslie Coulson back to town in an attempt to attack Dr. Hayward, Griffin and dixie kiss. While walking through the park one night, he met Mary Frances "Frankie" Stone, who shared a joint with him and brought him back to her room at Opal's where they were caught in bed by Frankie's girlfriend, Bianca. Frankie was subsequently found murdered and J. However, those around him didn't make it easy. Tad and Dixie and Adam and Liza all experienced repeated marital unhappiness and the teen struggled to deal with his family problems and the regular pressures of being a teen. Dixie had been the only constant in J.]

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